Synchronize your sales with eBay and Delcampe!

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How does easyStore synchronize the sales of your eBay and Delcampe stores?

How does easyStore function?

This interface gives you the possibility to synchronize your sales on eBay and Delcampe. By registering and entering the log-in details of your accounts, easyStore will duplicate your sales from your eBay account to your Delcampe account. Each sale added or modified on your eBay account will automatically result in the same operation on your Delcampe account. Each sale closed on one account will automatically result in the sale closure on the other account.

easyStore becomes the merger of two platforms in one!

... and in tomorrow's version, you will be a conductor!

It will soon be possible to manage all your sales online on easyStore!

All your stores will be connected to one another.

You will be able to manage more easily your inventory, your invoices, the follow-up with your clients and your payments.

You will then be the conductor of all your stores!

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