1. About easyStore

easyStore is a website which allows you to synchronize the sales on your eBay account with Delcampe. It only needs a few clicks to activate the synchronization. Each time you add, modify or close a sale on eBay, it will be automatically done on your Delcampe account.

Our sole purpose is to offer you a simple, fast e-commerce solution adapted to suit your needs.

2. What are the advantages ?

  • It only takes 2 minutes to activate the synchronization of your eBay and Delcampe accounts.
  • Any sale added to eBay automatically generates the same sale on Delcampe (which is not the case with the current Delcampe to eBay system).
  • Each sale modified on eBay will automatically result in the same operation on Delcampe and each sale closed on one account will automatically result in the sale closure on the other account.
  • Sell on one platform without fearing to see another buyer purchasing the same item on the other platform. When an item is sold on one of the two websites, it is immediately closed on the other platform.
  • Benefit from the dual visibility of your items: add buyers from both eBay and Delcampe.
  • easyStore is simple, straightforward and fast

3. How do I use easyStore ?

1st step : You must open an account on easyStore to benefit from these services. Click on the ‘CONNECTION’ button at the top right-hand side of the page. A link ‘Not registered yet’ will give you access to a registration form where the requested information marked with an asterisk is obligatory.

2nd step : Once your registration is completed, you will automatically be connected to your account. Click on the link ‘Visit my synchronization page’. At the same time, you will receive an email with your username reminder.

3rd step : At this stage, you will see two ‘CONNECT’ buttons. Click on each of them to connect your eBay and Delcampe accounts to easyStore: you’ll be asked to enter your usernames and accounts on eBay and Delcampe respectively. Your usernames and passwords won’t be passed on to easyStore. Access will only be allowed via eBay and Delcampe. Now, click ont he ‘OFF’ button which appears on the page to start the synchronization. You must choose one of the following options:

  • - Synchronize fixed prices only
  • - Synchronize bids only
  • - Synchronize all sales
Choose one option and click ‘APPLY’.

4th step : Your stores are now synchronized. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

4. How do I manage my eBay and Delcampe accounts after the easyStore synchronization?

Nothing will change in the management of your accounts. You can continue to use them as before.

easyStore has no influence at this level. It is simply a tool which allows you to sell on twoplatforms and to benefit from their risk-free visibility.

5. How do I stop using easyStore?

To deactivate your eBay and Delcampe account synchronization, simply connect to your easyStore account and click the ‘ON’ button.

You will be given two choices:

  • - Keep your sales on eBay and close those on Delcampe
  • - Keep the sales in both stores

Make your choice and click on ‘APPLY’.

6. Do eBay and Delcampe recognise the easyStore service?

easyStore has obtained approval from eBay and Delcampe. It is therefore officially recognised as a ‘Compatible eBay Application’ and a ‘Compatible Delcampe Application’.

7. How to pay my easyStore fees?

The easyStore services are billed monthly in Euros.
It is possible to pay via PayPal.

8. Contact us!

Do you have any questions about easyStore? If so please use the following form to submit them. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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